Disney Villains - Round 2A


Disney Vilains

These are the characters we love to hate. They haunt our dreams, but we sure do love them. Who is the worst of the worst? The villainiest of the villains? VOTE!

1 Ursula v 8 Pete

Ursula is pure evil. Her entire motive? To take over the undersea world from King Triton, and she's willing to sacrifice Ariel to get it. She fits all the Disney Villain stereotypes - she's got a bubbling cauldron, she has evil pets, and she has an unbelievable song ("Poor Unfortunate Souls" probably got her the #1 seed in this bracket).

Pete gets points in this bracket because he's the OG Disney Villain. He's Mickey Mouse's archnemesis, and he appears in every kind of Disney media - TV, movies, merchandise, theme park rides, and so on. In fact, he predates Mickey by three years! His villainy is not always his defining characteristic, though, as he occasionally shows up as a friendly character - like in Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

5 Hades v 4 Evil Queen

Maybe the most powerful villain on this list, Hades is an absolute monster. Voiced to very evil effect by James Woods, Hades is a legendary menace. If we ranked these based on power alone, Hades might be a #1 seed.

Mirror, mirror on the wall, is the Evil Queen the most iconic villain here? She might be. She has that most basic of evil motives... vanity. She wants to be the fairest of them all, and that darn Snow White is in the way.


6 Oogie Boogie v 3 Gaston

Far from the charming and attractive villains on this list, Oogie Boogie is literally a big burlap sack filled with bugs. He's terrifying. He kidnaps Santa and tortures him and Sally, until Jack saves the day. Oogie Boogie is... a nightmare.

Gaston is kind of a proto-Jack Reacher. He solves his problems by being physically bigger than them (roughly the size of a barge to be exact). And he's not used to hearing the word "no," especially from a bookworm like Belle. He has no superpowers (except for expectorating) but is still one of the most menacing villains on this list.

10 Lady Tremaine v 2 Cruella de Vil

Lady Tremaine is power and money hungry, and she'll do whatever it takes to rise up the social ladder. She only cares for herself and her daughters, Anastasia and Drizella. Cinderella is just a scullery maid to her. When her comeuppance comes, it's utterly gratifying. Fun fact: Lady Tremaine is voiced by American actress Eleanor Audley, who would later voice Maleficent, the evil fairy, in Sleeping Beauty (1959) and Madame Leota in The Haunted Mansion.

Her name is so appropriate, isn't it? How cruel do you have to be to want to kidnap all those puppies so you can use their fur for a coat? She's utterly terrifying, from her signature cigarette holder to her enormous Panther De Ville car.


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