Disney Villains - Fearsome Four


Disney Villains

These are the characters we love to hate. They haunt our dreams, but we sure do love them. Who is the worst of the worst? The villainiest of the villains? VOTE!

1 Ursula v 2 Cruella de Vil

Ursula is pure evil. Her entire motive? To take over the undersea world from King Triton, and she's willing to sacrifice Ariel to get it. She fits all the Disney Villain stereotypes - she's got a bubbling cauldron, she has evil pets, and she has an unbelievable song ("Poor Unfortunate Souls" probably got her the #1 seed in this bracket).

Her name is so appropriate, isn't it? How cruel do you have to be to want to kidnap all those puppies so you can use their fur for a coat? She's utterly terrifying, from her signature cigarette holder to her enormous Panther De Ville car.

4 Scar v 2 Jafar

If this list were up to Millennials, Scar would be number 1 on it for killing Mufasa and forever "scar"ring them.

Jafar may have been Sultan of Agrabah only briefly, but he was certainly the sultan of the long game, working for years to slowly manipulate the ruler. Eventually he attained Ultimate Cosmic Power... but was also trapped in the accompanying itty bitty living space.


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