Disney Animated Movies - Elite Eight


Disney Animated Movies

Is there anything more iconic than Disney animated movies? These are the stories that defined our childhoods. These are the characters that we love more than any others. These are our memories, our histories, and our favorite things. 

1 Beauty and the Beast v 2 Aladdin

The first animated movie to have been nominated for Best Motion Picture, this movie was probably the hallmark of the Disney Renaissance.

Robin Williams made the Genie so unforgettable, Disney even named their fast lane system after the character.

4 101 Dalmatians v 3 Moana

You may not remember the names of any of the dogs (not even Pongo or Perdita), but you certainly remember the villainous Cruella de Vil, who has since been played in live action by Glenn Close and Emma Stone.

The titular character became the 12th Disney Princess, and the first Polynesian one added to the lineup. With music by Lin-Manuel Miranda and a star turn from The Rock, Moana is a modern classic.

1 The Lion King v 7 The Jungle Book

In this modern retelling of Hamlet, Mufasa's death singlehandedly traumatized an entire generation. But hey... hakuna matata, right?

This bear necessity about young Mowgli comes from the Rudyard Kipling novel and introduces some all time great animal characters - Begheera, King Louie, Shere Khan, Kaa, and one of the great Disney legends, Baloo the Bear.

1 The Little Mermaid v 3 Cinderella

The movie that kickstarted the Disney Renaissance, it taught kids many important words, like "Dinglehopper," and we all got to explore what life is like "Under the Sea."

With a bibbity-bobbity-boo, Cinderella perhaps single-handedly saved Disney from bankruptcy. It's full of iconic characters and songs. In the 73 years since its release, Cinderella has cemented itself as a legendary Disney film.


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