Arcade Games - Round 1b


Arcade Games

If you’re a Gen X kid like me, you spent half your childhood (and more than half your allowance) at the local arcade. Can you still hear the sound of the guy shooting out quarters from the thing he wore on his belt? Do you remember setting that quarter on the machine to say “I got next?” Can you still smell that one kid who was eternally parked in front of Dragon’s Lair?

What are the arcade games that you spent the most money on? What were your favorites?  
We’re voting on the greatest arcade game of them all! Get your joysticks ready! Raid your kid’s piggy bank! We’re not leaving this place until we get the high score!

Round 1

(6) Dance Dance Revolution v (11) TMNT

This one really changed the game! The 900-pound beast that was DDR turned the arcade into a spectator sport, got us moving, and even got ported to home play with giant colorful mats.

Up to four players control the Ninja Turtles in a beat 'em up fight to take down Shredder. TMNT was Konami's highest grossing arcade game.

(3) Frogger v (14) Rampage

From 1981, the broad appeal of Frogger (and his many, many ways to die) has earned it praise as one of the greatest of all time. George Costanza has the high score.

The idea was simple: you're a monster and you punch buildings and smash them. Each of the three players had unique abilities.

(7) The Simpsons v (10) Tecmo Bowl

With four simultaneous players and original voices from the show, The Simpsons was a beat 'em up that's been hailed as the best cartoon-based game of all time.

It's the Wildcats vs. The Bulldogs in this double-monitor football game. Famous for the unstoppable Bo Jackson character.

(2) Street Fighter v (15) Super Off Road

Ryu or Ken? The iconic arcade game spawned a number of console games and some iconic moves. Hadoken!

Endorsed by off-road racer Ivan "Ironman" Stewart, in this game up to three players raced on 8 off-road tracks of increasing difficulty.


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