Cola Wars - Round 1b


Cola Wars

Some battles are legendary. Some are so huge that they defy the bounds of space and time. Some are mythological in their scope. And then there is the Cola Wars. Let's decide once and for all who the king of sodas is!

Round 1

(1) Pepsi v (8) Mt. Dew Code Red

Coke may be #1, but Pepsi is #1b. Can it make it to the finals against its mortal foe? Or will it fall to Mountain Dew Code Red, the second fiddle to the green monster?

(4) Pepsi Zero Sugar v (5) Mug Root Beer

Pepsi Zero Sugar is for those of us who act like we drink healthy. It gets the job done. Mug is the no caffeine root beer, which always gets points. But is it the best root beer? 

(3) Diet Pepsi v (6) Bubly

Diet Pepsi... what is there to say about it? It's Pepsi, but it's Diet! Bubly, which comes in roughly a thousand flavors, is the new critical darling. Can it take down a legend?

(2) Mt. Dew v (7) Starry

Mt. Dew is the cause of millions of teenage boys staying up late playing video games. It may be an unnatural color, but you can't deny that it's delicious. Starry, the second coming of Sierra Mist, is perfectly refreshing and bubbly.


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