Condiments - Round 1c



There's simply nothing better than food. And what makes food better? Condiments!! But which is the best? There's only one way to find out! VOTE!

Round 1

(1) Ketchup v (8) Oil and Vinegar

Ketchup is the OG condiment. It goes on fries, burgers, hot dogs, and so much more. But FRIES! And oil and vinegar is that next-level condiment that takes your sub sandwich and elevates it to fine dining. 

(4) Syrup v (5) Sour Cream

Syrup - aka liquid sugar. What else needs to be said? And sour cream... well, sometime, google how sour cream is made. We know this, and still, we love it. Go have a taco. See if it's not better with sour cream.

(3) Gravy v (6) Tartar Sauce

Gravy is made from the drippings of our most delicious meats. It makes biscuits better! Biscuits! As if they aren't perfect already. And what's fried fish without a side of tartar sauce?

(2) Butter v (7) Wasabi

Butter makes anything better. Anything. Seriously, put it on whatever you're making and it's automatically better. What more do you need? And wasabi, while a niche condiment, does its job with perfection. Mix it with a little soy and ginger for that perfect hit of salty and spicy on your sushi.


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