90s Music - My Heart Will Go On Round 1


90's Music

The 90's are simply an iconic decade for music. Grunge, rap, country, and alt-rock dominated the airwaves. R&B and pop artists continued to make platinum record after platinum record. But who won the decade? Who was the best of the best? Here at Bracket of Champions, we're going to find out. It's time to vote!

Below each artist, you’ll notice that we’ve given you lots of information about each artist - a synopsis of their work, notable albums and singles, a YouTube link of a popular single, and then, a bunch of symbols. We figured this was the best way to judge an artist’s contribution at a glance. Here's what the symbols mean.

16 Enya v 17 Salt-N-Pepa

9 Sting v 24 Coolio

13 Kenny G v 20 Rage Against the Machine

12 Tom Petty v 21 Prince

15 Counting Crows v 18 Blink-182

10 Aerosmith v 23 Jewel

14 Barenaked Ladies v 19 Jay-Z

11 U2 v 22 Ricky Martin


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