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SNL Cast Members

It's been in our lives for almost 50 years now, and it's more than just a cultural institution. It's part of the very fabric of pop culture. And over the years, we've seen some amazing comedians come through the cast (we've also seen some pretty lame ones, but that's for another bracket). But who is the best of the best? There's only one way to find out! Let's vote!

Suck it, Trebek & Mr. Robinson's Neighborhood

Round 3

(1) Will Ferrell v (4) Kenan Thompson

Ferrell joined SNL in 1995 and stayed until 2002 and has gone on to host 5 additional times. Whether it was his impressions of George W. Bush, Harry Carey, Robert Goulet, Alex Trebek, or original characters like Cheerleader Craig or music teacher Marty Culp, Ferrell shined on SNL and has earned his place as one of the best to ever do it.

From All That to What Up With That?, here’s the longest-running cast member in SNL’s history! Watch any SNL clip in which he appears, and the comments will specifically praise his timing, expressiveness, and overall talent.

(3) Tina Fey v (2) Dan Aykroyd

Fey joined SNL in 1997 as a writer, and went on to become its first female head writer, Weekend Update co-anchor with Fallon and then Poehler, and pretty much the candidate for Vice President of the United States.

Originally hired as a writer Dan was added to the cast even before the first episode of SNL debuted. Super Bass-O-Matic, “Jane, you ignorant slut”, Half of the Blues Brothers, Aykroyd had a knack for smart, eccentric comedy both as a performer and a writer, being Emmy nominated for each.

(1) Eddie Murphy v (4) Amy Poehler

Eddie Murphy is simply one of the greatest to ever do it. From his iconic Mr. Robinson to Gumby to his Stevie Wonder impression, Eddie Murphy owned comedy in the early 80s.

Amy Poehler was everywhere on SNL. She hosted Update, she was on Bronx Beat, she did a killer Kaitlyn, and she did impressions of everyone from Hillary Clinton to Michael Jackson. She was the best kind of cast member.

(6) Andy Samberg v (2) Dana Carvey

Samberg gets kudos for essentially inventing the digital short on SNL. Lazy Sunday took the world by storm, and Samberg and The Lonely Island never looked back. He also did killer Nic Cage and Mark Walhberg impressions (say hi to your mother for me, ok?).

His movie Master of Disguise can’t be considered in this bracket, but he was a master of disguise on SNL too. With characters like the Church Lady, Garth, Hans (or was it Franz), Johnny Carson, and George Bush, it wouldn’t be prudent to overlook Carvey at this juncture.


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