VOTE! - Round 1 - "88 Miles Per Hour"

 It's Time to Vote!

Alright, folks! It's time to get voting! We're working here to crown the all-time greatest 80s Comedy! Below, you'll see all of the matchups for this round. We've given you a summary of each film, along with a YouTube video of one of our favorite scenes. If you click the summary, it will take you to the IMDB page for that movie! Let's do this!

(1) Back to the Future v (16) Mr. Mom

(8) 48 Hrs. v (9) Bull Durham

(5) Tootsie v (12) Steel Magnolias

(4) Coming to America v (13) Real Genius

(6) Fast Times at Ridgemont High v (11) Stripes

(3) National Lampoon's Vacation v (14) Nine to Five

(7) Spaceballs v (10) Sixteen Candles

(2) This is Spinal Tap v (15) Police Academy


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