Pizza! Round 2! VOTE!


Whether it's New York style, Chicago deep dish, thin crust, or just a hot 'n ready from Little Caesar's, we can all agree on one thing: pizza is the perfect food. What we CAN'T agree on, however, are the perfect toppings. So let's settle it once and for all. What's the best pizza topping?

You may notice a striking omission from our bracket. That's right... pepperoni isn't on there. There's a reason for that. The way we see it, pepperoni is, by far, the single most popular toppings. So, we've given it an automatic berth in the Final. Whoever emerges from this bracket will go head-to-head with pepperoni for the championship. Let's get to it.

(1) Sausage v (8) Green Pepper

(5) Extra Cheese v (4) Black Olives

(6) JalapeƱos v (3) Bacon

(10) Onions v (2) Mushrooms


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