VOTE! "A" Group - Round 2

We're in Round 2!

Voting is open for the "A" Group! Below, you'll be able to vote for each of the matchups. You'll also find detailed information about each artist's 80s music, so if you need your memory jogged on these artists, we've given you summaries of their 80s accomplishments, and a YouTube video to boot. 

(1) Madonna vs. (9) Pat Benatar


The case for Madonna: Do we really need to make a case for Madonna? The Material Girl owned the 80s.

The 80s albums:
Madonna - 5x Platinum
Like a Virgin - Diamond (10x Platinum)
True Blue - 7x Platinum
Like a Prayer - 4x Platinum
Who’s That Girl? (soundtrack) - Platinum

The 80s singles: “Holiday,” “Lucky Star,” “Borderline,” “Like a Virgin,” “Material Girl,” “Crazy for You,” “Into the Groove,” “Papa Don’t Preach,” “Open Your Heart,” “La Isla Bonita,” “Who’s That Girl,” “Like a Prayer,” “Express Yourself,” “Cherish” and a bunch more!

Pat Benatar

While most of the 80s starlets were blaring out how sweet love was, Pat Benatar told us that “Love is a Battlefield.” Nobody sounded like her… nobody ever has.

The 80s albums:
Crimes of Passion - 4x Platinum
Precious Time - 2x Platinum
Get Nervous  - Platinum
Live from Earth - Platinum
Tropico - Platinum
Seven the Hard Way - Gold
Wide Awake in Dreamland - Gold

The 80s singles:  “I Need a Lover,” “You Better Run,” “Hit Me With Your Best Shot,” “Fire and Ice,” “Shadows of the Night,” “Love is a Battlefield,” “We Belong,” “Invincible,” “All Fired Up,” and more.

(5) The Cars vs. (4) Talking Heads

The Cars

Ric Ocasek and The Cars took synth-pop and perfected it. They also perfected the music video game, doing things that MTV had never seen before. 

The 80s albums:
Panorama - Platinum
Shake it Up - 2x Platinum
Heartbeat City - 4x Platinum
Door to Door - Gold
Greatest Hits - 6x Platinum

The 80s singles:  ”Shake it Up,” “You Might Think,” “Magic,” “Drive,” “Heartbeat City,” and a bunch more.

Talking Heads

Born in an art school in Rhode Island, this critically acclaimed band carved a niche with quirky, smart lyrics and diverse instrumentation. Byrne and co. are so much more than big suits and funky rhythms. 

The 80s albums:
Remain in Light - Gold
The Name of This Band is Talking Heads
Speaking in Tongues - Platinum
Stop Making Sense - Platinum
Little Creatures - 2x Platinum
True Stories- Gold
Naked- Gold

The 80s singles:  “Burning Down the House,” “Road to Nowhere,” “And She Was,” “Wild Wild Life,” “Once in a Lifetime,” “(Nothing But) Flowers,” and more.

(6) Cyndi Lauper vs. (3) Genesis/Phil Collins

Cyndi Lauper

She was definitely so unusual. From the hair to the voice, Cyndi Lapuer captured our hearts and our imaginations. ‘Cause, hey… she just wanted to have fun! 

The 80s albums:
She’s So Unusual - 6x Platinum
True Colors - 2x Platinum
A Night to Remember - Gold

The 80s singles:  “Girls Just Want to Have Fun,” “Time After Time,” “She Bop,” “All Through the Night,” “The Goonies R Good Enough,” “True Colors,” “Change of Heart,” “I Drove All Night,” and lots more.

Genesis/Phil Collins

Phil Collins led Genesis from the drums, and he led them to the pop Promised Land. Then, when he went solo, he only got better, becoming one of the biggest acts of the 80s (seriously… look through those singles).

The 80s albums (Genesis):
Duke - Platinum
Abacab - 2x Platinum
Genesis - 4x Platinum
Invisible Touch - 6x Platinum
Three Sides Live - Gold

The 80s albums (Collins):
Face Value - 5x Platinum
Hello, I Must Be Going - 3x Platinum
No Jacket Required - Diamond (12x Platinum)
…. But Seriously - 4x Platinum

The singles (Genesis): “No Reply At All,” “Mama,” “That’s All,” “Invisible Touch,” “In Too Deep,” “Land of Confusion,” and many more.

The singles (Phil Collins): “In the Air Tonight,” “You Can’t Hurry Love,” “Against All Odds,” “Easy Lover,” “Sussudio,” “One More Night,” “Don’t Lose My Number,” “Take Me Home,” “Separate Lives,” “A Groovy Kind of Love,” “Two Hearts,” “Another Day in Paradise,” “I Wish it Would Rain Down,” and lots more.

(7) Aerosmith vs. (2) Bruce Springsteen


Steven Tyler, Joe Perry, and the boys made a living off of pushing boundaries. Flamboyant, ridiculous, and always fun, Aerosmith revolutionized rock and roll (and they had awesome videos, too).

The 80s albums:
Rock in a Hard Place - Gold
Greatest Hits - Diamond (11x Platinum)
Done With Mirrors - Gold
Permanent Vacation - 5x Platinum
Pump - 7x Platinum
Classics Live! - Platinum

The 80s singles:  “Let the Music Do the Talking,” “Dude (Looks Like a Lady),” “Angel,” “Rag Doll,” “Love in an Elevator,” “Janie’s Got a Gun,” and lots more.

Bruce Springsteen

The case for Springsteen - He’s THE BOSS for cryin’ out loud. Is there a more iconic voice? A more iconic sound? A more iconic image than the cover of Born in the USA?

The 80s albums:
The River - 5x Platinum
Nebraska - Platinum
Born in the USA - Diamond (15x Platinum)
Tunnel of Love - 3x Platinum
Live/1975–85 - 13x Platinum

The 80s singles:  “Hungry Heart,” “The River,” “Cadillac Ranch,” “Atlantic City,” “Dancing in the Dark,” “Cover Me,” “Born in the USA,” “I’m on Fire,” “Glory Days,” “Brilliant Disguise,” and a bunch more.


  1. Well...*that* was painful. I had to be ruthless...

    Cars over Talking Heads. Even as David Byrne continues to build a pristine catalog. Cars dominated the airways prolificly. Their first album is a "Greatest Hits." Talking Heads dropped bombs along the way making their own space.

    Aerosmith over Springsteen...maybe I have a fever? I think Aerosmith's style of music doesn't age..."R&B/Boogie-Woogie." I *do* love The Boss, tho'. Greatest show on Earth.

    Phil Collins over Cyndi Lauper...Just because Genesis has given birth to so many more musicians and bands...Hate(d) Genesis, but love(d) it's spawn. Cyndi is MEGA talented in her own right, but as far as the 80s is concerned...

    Benatar over pain here...cuz Benatar *continues* to kick Madonna's ass.


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