With over 63% of the vote, the all-time greatest sitcom is.... THE OFFICE! Color me shocked on this one. If this were actually March Madness, I'd say that Friends used up everything they had in that Final Four game against Seinfeld. There was just nothing left in the tank against The Office. To recap, here's what Michael, Jim, Pam, Dwight and co. did along the way (basically, they dominated every single matchup - nothing was even close): Rd 1 The Office - 80% Leave it to Beaver - 20% Rd2 The Office - 80% Saved by the Bell - 20% Sweet Sixteen The Office - 64% MASH - 36% Elite Eight The Office - 67% Cheers - 33% Final Four The Office - 65% I Love Lucy - 35% Championship The Office - 64% Friends - 36%


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