Disney Villains - Round 3B



Disney Villains

These are the characters we love to hate. They haunt our dreams, but we sure do love them. Who is the worst of the worst? The villainiest of the villains? VOTE!

1 Maleficient v 4 Scar

This faerie queene cursed a baby because she wasn't invited to a party and eventually turned into a dragon to kill said (teenaged) baby's boyfriend. Truly she is the Mistress of all Evil.

If this list were up to Millennials, Scar would be number 1 on it for killing Mufasa and forever "scar"ring them.

3 Captain Hook v 2 Jafar

Before Captain Jack Sparrow, there was Captain Hook. Would he get vengeance on Peter Pan for the loss of his hand? The clock is ticking... in the stomach of the Crocodile.

Jafar may have been Sultan of Agrabah only briefly, but he was certainly the sultan of the long game, working for years to slowly manipulate the ruler. Eventually he attained Ultimate Cosmic Power... but was also trapped in the accompanying itty bitty living space.


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