Disney Animated Movies - Round 1A


Disney Animated Movies

Is there anything more iconic than Disney animated movies? These are the stories that defined our childhoods. These are the characters that we love more than any others. These are our memories, our histories, and our favorite things. 

1 Beauty and the Beast v 16 Planes

The first animated movie to have been nominated for Best Motion Picture, this movie was probably the hallmark of the Disney Renaissance.

It's like Cars, only it's Planes. This story of a crop duster who enters the big race is a ton of fun.

8 Big Hero 6 v 9 The Sword in the Stone

Big Hero 6 was the first Disney animated film based on Marvel characters after the company's acquisition in 2009. On a scale of one to ten, how would you rate your pain?

This retelling of the legend of King Arthur is full of magic and hilarity. Merlin comes through as a zany, fun wizard with an owl sidekick who bumbles his way to helping Arthur save the day.

5 Mulan v 12 The Aristocats

Despite not canonically marrying royalty, Mulan is considered Disney's first Chinese princess. And Eddie Murphy as the voice of Mushu is absolutely iconic.

The last film made with the involvement of Roy Disney, The Aristocats follows Duchess and her kittens as they're threatened by the evil butler Edgar.

4 Tangled v 13 The Black Cauldron

The 50th animated Disney movie, Tangled fully moved the company into the 3D animated era. Remember, Mother knows best!

Based on the Lloyd Alexander novel, this adventure film follows Taran, the Assistant Pig-Keeper, and his motley group of friends as they save Prydain from The Horned King.

6 Robin Hood v 11 The Fox and the Hound

Sure, half the scenes are copy/pasted from other movies. No, the half British/half American accents don't make any sense. But with Roger Miller's unforgettable narration and songs, who cares?

This 1981 film is centered on the iconic friendship of Tod and Copper, animals from different worlds. What happens when their friendship comes up against the ultimate test?

3 Bambi v 14 Raya and the Last Dragon

Bambi contains only about 950 words of dialogue, but manages to convey deep emotion all the same. Where were you when you heard Bambi's mother died?

Although Covid kept the theater attendance low, this movie about cooperation became the third-most streamed movie of 2021.

7 Tarzan v 10 Frozen II

Considered the last film of the Disney Renaissance era, Tarzan is probably best remembered for its soundtrack by Phil Collins.

The highest grossing movie in the bracket, Frozen II picks up where the original "Let it Go" classic leaves off and takes Anna and Elsa "Into the Unknown."

2 Aladdin v 15 Make Mine Music

Robin Williams made the Genie so unforgettable, Disney even named their fast lane system after the character.

This is the only movie on this list not available on Disney+. And given that the opening sequence involves feudal warfare where the Martins and Coys obliterate each other in a family feud and ends with an opera-singing whale being harpooned to death, who can blame them? (It does, however, feature the classics "Peter and the Wolf" and "Casey at the Bat.")


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