Condiments - Round 2cd



There's simply nothing better than food. And what makes food better? Condiments!! But which is the best? There's only one way to find out! VOTE!

Round 1

(1) Ketchup v (5) Sour Cream

Ketchup is the OG condiment. It goes on fries, burgers, hot dogs, and so much more. But FRIES! And sour cream... well, sometime, google how sour cream is made. We know this, and still, we love it. Go have a taco. See if it's not better with sour cream. 

(3) Gravy v (2) Butter

Gravy is made from the drippings of our most delicious meats. It makes biscuits better! Biscuits! As if they aren't perfect already. And butter makes anything better. Anything. Seriously, put it on whatever you're making and it's automatically better. What more do you need? 

(1) Ranch v (4) Spicy Brown Mustard

In 2023, we put Ranch on everything. Salad, fries, wings, heck, there's even a Ranch Ice Cream. Spicy Brown Mustard is for the adventurous ones. It's for those of us that have graduated past regular old mustard to something with some kick. 

(3) Honey Mustard v (2) BBQ Sauce

Ah, honey mustard... salad dressing that allows us to pretend we're being healthy. BBQ Sauce is a perfect condiment because it goes on BBQ, which is perfect. There are entire competitions where people pit (pun intended) their BBQ Sauce against each other. 


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