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It's been in our lives for almost 50 years now, and it's more than just a cultural institution. It's part of the very fabric of pop culture. And over the years, we've seen some amazing comedians come through the cast (we've also seen some pretty lame ones, but that's for another bracket). But who is the best of the best? There's only one way to find out! Let's vote!

Cheeseburger, Cheeseburger - Round 1

(1) John Belushi v (16) Melissa Villaseñor

Jake Blues, Joe Cocker, Samurai Futaba, Owner of the Olympia Cafe: indelible characters performed by the man who received the top spot in Rolling Stone’s ranking of all 141 cast members in 2015, writing, “Belushi was the 'live' in Saturday Night Live”

Debuting in 2016 with a Sarah Silverman impression and continuing through the current season, Villasenor’s impressions are something to behold and should continue to shine brightly on SNL going forward.

(8) Kevin Nealon v (9) Seth Meyers

Brought onto the show in 1987, Nealon stayed for a then-record 9 seasons. In addition to manning the Weekend Update Desk from 1991-1994, Nealon created such memorable characters as Frank Gannon, Franz (with Dana Carvey’s Hanz), and Mr. Subliminal.

 From 2001-2014 there is almost nothing Myers did not do while at SNL. Recurring Characters? Check. Timely Impressions? Check. Head Writer? Check. Weekend Update Anchor? Check. Just for good measure, he even returned to host in 2018.

(5) Maya Rudolph v (12) Pete Davidson

Maya Rudolph is simply one of a kind, and she’s become a SNL institution. Whether it’s her impressions of people like Beyonce, Michelle Obama, or Kamala Harris, or the dozens of original characters she’s created, she’s part of the fabric of Studio 8H.

Love him or hate him, Pete Davidson has a knack for stealing the spotlight. Whether he’s making fun of his public persona on Update, rapping (badly) with Timothée Chalamet, or being the laziest foil to a serial killer, Pete’s made his mark on SNL.

(4) Adam Sandler v (13) Chris Kattan

Sandler was as well known for his songs as he was recurring characters. Thanksgiving Song, Chanukah Song, and Lunch Lady Land are classic SNL bits that have stood the test of time. Not to mention recurring characters like Opera Man and Canteen Boy.

Chris Kattan made his mark on SNL playing some of the weirdest, most animated characters the show has ever seen. From Mango to Mr. Peepers to one of the Roxbury guys, Kattan never took a sketch off.

(6) Chevy Chase v (11) Garrett Morris

While only in the cast for a season and a half, Chase used his physical comedy to impress us with characters like his bumbling President Gerald Ford. Additionally, Chase was the first ever Weekend Update anchor and set a very high bar for anchors that followed.

One of the original Not Ready for Primetime Players, Garrett Morris was a pioneer in comedy. Starring alongside some of the all-time greats, Morris always held his own. He created characters like Chico Esquella and the hard-of-hearing translator on Update that have stood the test of time.

(3) Mike Myers v (14) Leslie Jones

If you have a memory of SNL in the 90s there is no doubt this man is part of it. Wayne, Dieter, Linda Richmond, and the list goes on. Myers was an institution at SNL and helped bring relevance and out and out laughs back to a show that had been struggling.

Jones first begin at SNL as a writer and joined the cast the following year in 2014. She holds the distinction of being the oldest cast member at introduction being 47 at the time of her debut. In both 2017 and 2018 Jones was nominated for an Emmy for her work as a performer.

(7) David Spade v (10) Ana Gasteyer

The man who made sarcasm into a career was on SNL until 1996. The Hollywood Minute, Spade in America, Dick Clark’s receptionist, and of course his flight attendant were all proof that when played correctly and ably, being mean can make you laugh just as hard as being funny. Buh bye.

Ana gained notoriety as a cast member through memorable impressions like Martha Stewart and Nancy Grace as well as terrific original characters like music teacher Bobbie Mohan-Culp or NPR Host Margaret Jo McCullen. Ana’s wit and ability to be the straight man made every scene memorable.

(2) Kristin Wiig v (15) Beck Bennett

From 2005-2012, no one did it better on SNL than Wiig. Whether it was Gilly, The Target Lady, or Doonese, Wiig was ever present and always funny. She was equally adept at leading the scene or sharing it with any one of her talented cast mates.

Bennett’s list of impressions on the show is enough to make any cast member jealous. Ranging from Jim Nantz to Elton John, Bennett covered more territory than most.


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