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TV Moms and Dads

They raised us! These are the moms and dads that we've all looked to over the years for advice, mentorship, and love. They've been our models for how to parent (and some of them have been our models for how NOT to parent). We've laughed, cried, and loved with them. But who's the greatest? There's only one way to find out. VOTE!

Play-in - Old School Dads

Fred Flintstone

Fred was the first! Around for centuries before any of the other dads, Fred set the standard for dozens of dads to come. He worked hard at the quarry, brought up Pebbles, and got locked out of his house every night for his trouble! 

Steve Douglas

Steve had three sons, was a widower, and an aeronautical engineer. He's pretty much the perfect dad. And he's played by screen legend Fred MacMurray. 

Philip Drummond

Some dads are born to greatness, some have greatness thrust upon them. When Philip Drummond adopted Arnold and Willis, he chose greatness. The three of them were different, but it takes different strokes to move the world...

Jim Anderson

Does Father actually know best? Jim Anderson (played by Robert Young) definitely did. For over 200 episodes, Jim taught us how to live, laugh, and love like only a father could.


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