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There were SO MANY deserving entries into this bracket, that we felt like 64 just wouldn't cut it. Enter the play-in games. 16 artists enter, only four advance. We've also upped our game a little bit - if you need your memory jogged on these artists, we've given you summaries of their 80s accomplishments, and a YouTube video to boot. We'll take on one play-in per day - you've just got 24 hours to vote! Remember (and this is of the utmost importance):


The Go-Go’s/Belinda Carlisle

The Go-Go’s blazed brand new musical trails, as one of the most successful all-female bands of all time. And then Belinda Carlisle went on to have a phenomenal solo career too.

The 80s albums (The Go-Go’s):
Beauty and the Beat - 2x Platinum
Vacation - Gold
Talk Show

The 80s albums (Belinda Carlisle):
Belinda - Gold
Heaven on Earth - Platinum
Runaway Horses - Gold

The 80s singles (The Go-Go’s): “Our Lips are Sealed,” “We Got the Beat,” “Vacation,” “Head Over Heels,” Turn to You,” and more.

The 80s singles (Belinda Carlisle): “Mad About You,” “Heaven in a Place on Earth,” “I Get Weak,” “Circle in the Sand,” “Leave a Light On,” and more.

Paula Abdul

From Lakers Cheerleader to Janet Jackson choreographer to pop star to American Idol judge, she’s forever your girl. Straight up.

The 80s albums:
Forever Your Girl - 7x Platinum

The 80s singles: “Straight Up,” “Forever Your Girl,” “Cold Hearted,” “Opposites Attract,” “(It’s Just) The Way that You Love Me,” “Knocked Out”

Gloria Estefan

Whether as the frontwoman for Miami Sound Machine, or as a legendary solo artist, Gloria Estefan created an iconic sound and image. She brought that Cuban sound to pop music, and it was a huge hit.

The 80s albums (Miami Sound Machine):
Eyes of Innocence - Gold
Primitive Love - 3x Platinum
Let it Loose - 3x Platinum

The 80s albums (Gloria Esteban):
Cuts Both Ways - 3x Platinum

The 80s singles (Miami Sound Machine): “Conga,” “Words Get in the Way,” “Rhythm is Gonna Get You,” “Can’t Stay Away From You,” “Anything For You,” and more.

The 80s singles (Gloria Estefan): “Don’t Wanna Lose You,” “Get On Your Feet,” and more.

Debbie Gibson

Seventeen year old pop star who stole the hearts of millions, and who went on to grace the Broadway stage. Just take a look at those singles - you know you know every word!

The 80s albums:
Out of the Blue - 3x Platinum
Electric Youth - 2x Platinum

The 80s singles: “Only in My Dreams,” “Shake Your Love,” “Out of the Blue,” “Foolish Beat,” “Staying Together,” “Lost in Your Eyes,” “Electric Youth,” and more.


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